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Louisiana Anesthesia Group

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About Us

Welcome to Louisiana Anesthesia Group! We are a team of skilled anesthesia professionals  providing excellent patient care. Our certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) and anesthesiologists work with our surgical partners and patients to deliver safe and effective anesthesia services. We offer personalized care tailored to individual needs, from general to local anesthesia. Patient comfort and safety are our top priorities, and we take time to listen and answer questions. We offer comprehensive anesthesia services in outpatient surgery centers and offices-based operating rooms. We are committed to delivering high-quality perioperative care and positive outcomes.

Louisiana Anesthesia Group

Our Services

Louisiana Anesthesia Group


At Louisiana Anesthesia Group, to provide safe and comfortable anesthesia services in a busy surgical facility, we employ efficient scheduling strategies. Our data-driven approach uses past surgical case data to assist in scheduling. We analyze case duration, patient care requirements, and staffing needs. We also utilize a centralized scheduling system and effective communication protocols with surgical facility staff to prevent double-booking and scheduling conflicts, ensuring that all team members are kept up to date with any changes. By implementing these strategies, we can allocate resources more effectively, adjust schedules as needed, and ensure a streamlined surgical experience.

Louisiana Anesthesia Group


At Louisiana Anesthesia Group, to optimize our revenue cycle process and receive timely and accurate payments, we implement tested and proven strategies. Accurate coding and complete documentation are essential to ensure proper billing and avoid potential fines and audits from insurance providers and government agencies. We submit our claims on time and have a dedicated claims management team to oversee the process, manage denials, and submit appeals. Our staff is trained to understand the billing process and insurance requirements, with ongoing guidance to keep them updated on any changes. Delaying billing can lead to a backlog of claims and decreased revenue, so we strive to bill immediately after each procedure/surgical day. With these strategies, we aim to streamline the billing process and ensure efficient and accurate payment for our anesthesia services.   

Louisiana Anesthesia Group


Recruiting new providers for our anesthesia group is challenging in the current healthcare climate. To attract qualified and experienced candidates, we use effective strategies, including having a strong online presence on social media platforms as well as attending industry conferences to network with providers. We offer competitive compensations and conducting market research to ensure our offers meet or exceed industry standards. We prioritize creating a positive and supportive work culture, valuing open communication, collaboration, and a work-life balance. By implementing these strategies, we successfully attract and retain top-tier providers who feel supported and respected within our organization.

Louisiana Anesthesia Group

Inventory Management

As responsible inventory managers for office-based surgical clients, we use several strategies to optimize our supply management. Firstly, we conduct regular inventory analysis to identify any excess or shortage of supplies. Secondly, we track inventory levels and reorder supplies when they reach a certain threshold. For clients with limited storage space, we use a just-in-time inventory system. Thirdly, we negotiate better pricing with suppliers by ordering larger quantities and establishing long-term contracts. Lastly, we have efficient protocols for disposing of expired or unused supplies to prevent waste and keep our inventory current.  

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